The journey for emerging artist, Joni Pakes, began in the fifth grade

with the showing of a mixed media piece, a crayon-resist

watercolor, at the local Bank of America.  Experimenting with various

mediums started at an early age utilizing her father’s vast

garage storehouse of supplies. His skill as a woodworking craftsman

and studio prop master influenced his daughter to integrate fine art

with unusual materials.

Joni obtained her B.A. in Fine Art and a Secondary Teaching

Credential in Art at the California State University at Northridge,

studying with noted artists Karen Carson and Bruce Everett.  

Disillusioned by the lack of work in her field, she continued at her

part-time job and proceeded up the corporate ladder,

ultimately becoming a top supervisor on the West Coast. In

time she went back to school and became a Certified Public

Accountant, working at a public accounting firm for ten

years, leaving after she married and started her family.

Joni currently lives in scenic Newport Beach, California which inspires her every

day by its nature-infused landscape. Careers have come and gone but her passion

for art, her work, has always been a constant.